Lesure Love is a U.S. artist coming out of Grand Rapids, MI. by the way of LA. Lesure has had success with his first EP "Selfieworld: To All The Girls I Loved Before" with a combined total of over 2 million digital streams on all digital platforms. Lesure just released a follow-up EP "Selfieworld: Earth Girls are Easy" which had a combined total of over 200k streams the first week of its release, July 2, 2021. Although Lesure has his own unique sound, he says it's Rap meets R&B covered in Pop with a weird Alternative twist that he calls urban pop. It's a mixture of rapping and singing blended into one. He refers to it as snapping. His sound is melodic rhythm over hard-hitting 808 beats where he delivers his lyrics talking about everything from relationship problems to drug dealing and romance.

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